Coding Summer Camp

If you are a parent and you have been wondering what all the noise is about when it comes to coding… let me explain…  Coding offers a great opportunity to empower kids to utilize their problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and build proficiency in sequencing skills.  Gamification makes it fun.  Although it can sound complicated… it simply means that learning through play is an essential option to retention, and continued interest in mastering skills and solving problems through objective thinking in coding. 

We live during a digital time of advanced technology.  Coding will allow your child the ability to understand technology and how it works while allowing them to enjoy non- pressured thinking while learning something new.

Code Ninja Morrisville offers great insight on coding for kids.   Their Morrisville/Cary campus is located at 3033 Village Market Place, Morrisville, 27560.  Stop by their location today to learn more about coding and ask them about their year-round Drop- In Learning Program.

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